Canada Proud (workshop to be ready soon)

Snow and Ice Dying

In this one day workshop, you will have fun dyeing your own fabrics with a little help from snow and/or ice. This workshop makes more sense to be given in winter, but can be given 12 months a year.

Paul Léger Quilts

Pointed Comments

This new workshop is a one day workshop, you will learn by the required skills to be able to create this modern looking table runner (20" X 40") as well as two place mats (12" X 18½") using a simple technique. Paul will guide you through the process to make a these fun pieces.

More Patchwork Illusions

A gifted teacher, Paul is available for trunk shows and workshops. A list of the workshops he offers (in English or French) as well as their details can be found below.


Paul, un enseignant doué, est disponible pour des expositions ‘‘montre et racontre’’ ainsi que pour des ateliers en français ou en anglais. Veuillez voir ci-dessous la liste des ateliers offerts ainsi que leurs détails.

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In this one-day workshop you will learn by using colours with the tips Paul will share, to take a traditional quilt blocks design and create a 3D Illusion patchwork cube as shown here. The amazing layouts that can be produced will make great Illusion quilts.


Dans cet atelier d’une journée, Paul partagera ses conseils pour vous apprendre à transformer une conception traditionnelle dans un cube à trois dimensions en utilisant des couleurs.  Les dispositions incroyables qui peuvent être produites feront des courtepointes d’illusions merveilleuses.



Designed for a quilt show the response was so good that there were request for the pattern and a workshop.

​During the workshop you will play with colours and with placement. Paul will show you the techniques he used to put this quilt together.