I live in Ottawa, Canada where I worked for the federal government for 16 years after spending 21 years in the Canadian Armed Forces, I retired on September 1, 2016. My journey in quilting in began in May 1990. My mother, Doris Bourque-Léger, a quilter and dressmaker, encouraged me to buy a sewing machine “for sewing emergencies”. One day, I got the idea to cut up the good parts of some old air force uniform shirts. "Why?" you ask - at the time I had no idea. After a few days, I recalled that in the "old days" people would use clothing to make bed quilts, so I set off to cut up more old shirts in an isosceles trapezoid shape, using SURGICAL SCISSORS!

     I sewed the pieces together based on an idea in my mind. “The corners weren't square,” nor were the blocks. I ran out of fabric pieces, so I made my first trip to a quilting shop, the “Cloth Castle in Langford, British Columbia,” There I got advice and bought more fabric. First top completed and liking the process so much, I had a second quilt top completed before I had sent the first one to my mother for quilting.

     I took my first quilting course in September 1994 from Joan Winter in Barrie, Ontario, near the armed forces base where I was stationed. After moving to Ottawa in 1996, I joined my first guild. I took more courses and began to buy quilting books and lots of fabrics. Quilting has become my passion. I have made over 275 more quilts since then, I’ve never looked back. 


Paul Leger Quilts