In May 2012, Paul donated Nos Aïeuls to the University of Moncton's Acadian Museum. Of  40,000 items donated to the museum, the 15.5' x 8.5' quilt was one of 100 pieces selected for exhibit at its "Acquisitions 10, 2001-2013" show. 

Paul's quilt honours the families who founded l'Acadie and includes the names of 305 of the 800 founding families. It reflects how these families have been linked by marriage, their communities and other events over the centuries.​ 

Paul talks about his quilt in an interview in Grand Pré where he photographed his quilt.

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Pixels​ at the Copper Shade Tree

Round Top, Texas

Paul Léger Quilts

In conjunction with the International Quilt Festival in Houston and the opening of the Texas Quilt Museum in La Grange, Texas, fine craft gallery Copper Shade Tree hosted the Quilts by Men exhibit. 

The event showcased the work of 16 men from across the USA and Canada including:  Bob Adams, Gerald Roy, Holice Turnbow, Jack Brockette, Jim Vandernoot, Joe Cunningham, John Flynn, Larry Denning, Luke Hayes, Michael Michalski, Paul Burega, Paul Leger, Rex Watson, Richard Caro, Richard Larson, and Scott Hansen.

The exhibit was held in October-November 2011.

Nos Aïeuls at the Musée acadien

Moncton, NB

BERNINA Canada Ambassador

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